e.VoluTion Revamped

As I contemplate B.C.’s new curriculum, it is obvious to me that I will have to find my passion amongst the fog. My thoughts are that I will have to step back, and rethink my whole approach if I am to make a go at it, and to foster positive, enriching change for my students.

I recently attended a seminar with a “PBL” guru, and felt that the 2 days spent being talked to were a big fat waste of time. Not necessarily. The idea that I could be instrumental in helping young minds to become creative has obsessed me ever since. So I started digging through articles about Random Input Theory and similar approaches. Very difficult to apply in a classroom where students sometimes can’t even understand what I am saying… But this is going to be my focus in the coming year: fostering a culture of creativity and curiosity while trying out every possible technique to do so.

I will blog about my experiences so that I can reflect on them, and maybe inspire others.

This blog has inspired me a great deal: CREATIVITEACH – Merci Alane Starko for striking a nerve in me.


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